T.D. Jakes Reposition Yourself

5.0 out of 5 stars Moving from the point of captivity to the point of power, May 11, 2007

By B. Jordan “laws of thinking” (New York)

Reposition Yourself is a profound work that teaches the reader how to understand life lessons through key principles that will reposition his/her life for success. Bishop T.D. Jakes allows us to peek through the eyes of his soul and witness his journey of life as he conquered the fears in his childhood and fought his way to top to eventually lead one of the largest churches of our time.

Repositioning Yourself allows the reader to put himself/herself in the position of Zacchaeus, who repositioned himself so he could see Jesus. Through practical principles, Bishop Jakes teaches his readers how to live life without limits. Bishop Jakes provokes his readers to take a hard, face-to-face look at their lives and what they are doing to position themselves to win. Bishop Jakes shares his struggles and his wisdom on how to fight life’s battles and how he eventually overcame those struggles and repositioned himself to win. According to Bishop Jakes, “You cannot win against that which you will not see and confront.” He shares with his readers how he was fighting, but he was not aiming at anything. You must fight with a purpose. Intent is vital for success to be achieved in life.
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T.D. Jakes

On June 9, 1957, Thomas Dexter Jakes was born in South Charleston, West Virginia to Ernest Jakes, Sr., a janitor and entrepreneur, and Odith, an educator. Even as a child, he was known in his West Virginian neighborhood as “the bad Bible boy.” He was also told he would never be able to preach because of his “bad” lisp. Shortly after his father’s death from kidney failure, Jakes decided to go into ministry.

In 1979, with very little funds of his own and with only ten initial members, he founded Greater Emmanuel Temple of Faith as a storefront church in Montgomery, West Virginia. Jakes maintained his day job digging ditches in order to support his ministry until the church was able to support him. During its first 10 years, the church grew to over 1,000 members. In 1982, Jakes turned to full-time ministry. Continue reading

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